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Explore new places and ignite your inner wanderlust. Travel to new and exciting destinations through the vacation memories of our guests!

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The Had To Be There Podcast is hosted by Kelly Acevedo, a New England native who was bit by the travel bug and loves learning about different cultures.

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The podcast is brought to you by Vacations by Kelly, an Academy Travel affiliate, specializing in Disney Destinations - and beyond!

Who Can Be A Podcast Guest?

Spoiler Alert: it's YOU!

To be a guest on the show, you need only have a story to share. My only request is that the memory you choose takes place away from home. I want to hear about the time you went ziplining over the rainforests of Costa Rica, or the time your goofy uncle was called on stage at the Hawaiian luau, or the time your now-husband proposed to you in front of Cinderella Castle. I want to explore all the amazing destinations around the world through your eyes and your memories. Which story comes to mind that will make listeners feel like they just HAD TO BE THERE?

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